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Posture clothing

An upright, healthy posture is important. Both in sports, training and during everyday life. Presenting yourself with confidence, feeling healthy and preventing tension, even when sitting for a long time: A posture correcting shirt from Anodyne can provide full assistance.

Posture clothing: All you need to know

Improvement of posture by a posture corrector: a practical solution for everyday problems. In the office routine, it is hard to continuously remember to keep a healthy posture, and in sports you can promptly slip into bodily imbalance, if you don't keep an eye on yourself constantly. This is exactly where posture clothing offer a practical solution.

How does the posture clothing work?

At Anodyne-shop.ch you can find posture-corrective clothes produced by world-leader in the field, AlignMed. Our posture corrector (a posture correcting shirt or bra InterActive bra) is based on the concept of kinesiological tapes, which stimulate the muscles, improve blood circulation and can also help maintaining healthy posture without much effort. If you want to improve your body posture with the help of clothes, then this method is particularly practical, since our posture clothing can be worn both in everyday and during physical activities. High quality moisture-regulating materials prevent odour formation even whenwearing it for a longer period of time.

Posture clothing

  • Revitalise muscles for an upright, balanced posture

  • Stimulate otherwise inactive muscle groups

  • Improve muscle memory

  • Promote circulation

Who is posture clothing suitable for?

A precondition for the optimal use of the posture clothing is first and foremost: choosing the correct size, fitting the clothes properly and, in case of an existing back problem, consulting a physiotherapist or doctor before the use. There is not much else to keep in mind. You can see the correct way of putting on the posture clothing in our detailed product videos. Posture clothing for everyday and sports: Improve your body posture with clothes from Anodyne

A T-shirt and bra for an upright back, a pair of tights for sports, a high-quality vest for healthy posture throughout the day: Using our products from the American manufacturer AlignMed, you will promptly find the way to a healthy, upright posture. Opt for high-quality products, which will render you good service for a long time and support you in any situation.

Any questions on the subject of posture clothing? Then please don't hesitate to contact us. We would be pleased to help you personally and inform you about our products and their mode of action.