Evidence based apparel

When you buy a product from Anodyne® you should expect the highest possible quality with certified results. Our products have been through numerous evaluations and case studies to support the claims made on our website. We are very proud to provide a selection here, showcasing the significant positive conclusions that medical scientists have reached upon studying the effects of the products we sell.


Positive effect for patients with chronic pain

A pilot study amongst patients with chronic pain shows that the Posture Shirt™ from Anodyne® can be an effective supplemental tool in improving posture as a part of combatting chronic pain. The projects birthplace is a pain clinic in Denmark who, over a period of 3 years, has used the Posture Shirt™ from Anodyne as part of their treatment of patients with chronic pain. You can read all about this project here (DK).


Effective tool for those sitting by a computer most of the day

A scientific study with the purpose of determining the effect of wearing the Posture Shirt™ from Anodyne® amongst "computer users", so everyone with a deskbound lifestyle. The study shows that wearing the Posture Shirt™ significantly improves the working position. By using the Posture Shirt™ the participants in the study felt more productive and less tired after their working day and experienced a significant improvement in their posture. You can read the study here.


Effective in preventing sports injuries

This study looks at people skiing and how injuries can be prevented by the use of an Anodyne Posture Shirt™. The study indicates that injuries often stems from muscle fatigued rather than problems with the equipment. The study concludes that the Posture Shirt™ can provide better muscle coordination and body awareness during their sport. Combined with having a better posture awareness the Posture Shirt™ can be a great tool to hinder sports injuries. You can read the full study here.


You can read all the above and more scientific studies here:

After 4-weeks, there was a significant difference in forward shoulder posture, forward head posture, thoracic kyphosis, and grip strength. After adjusting for total reported hours of usage, all changes were statistically significant.

This pilot study demonstrates that the use of a form-fitting posture shirt significantly affects bloodflow.

Sub-acromial distance was on average 29% greater with the PED (Posture Enhancing Device).

At both testing speeds the means for Peak Torque and Peak Torque to Body Weight increased significantly for internal and external rotation with the use.

The combined use of a lower extremity tights and upper extremity Posture Shirt promoted good posture and joint alignment.

This is the first evidence that a brace may affect scapular kinematics at rest and during motion.

Cause desirable changes in muscle activation amplitude during shoulder exercises and functional movements.