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How does the posture clothing work and can it improve my posture?
The posture clothing was developed to stimulate muscle memory and postural awareness. Sense of touch, pressure and temperature, and the ability to respond thereto are enabled by 20,000 to 80,000 nerve endings, depending on the area of the skin. These nerve endings send a signal to your brain, thus causing relaxation of the tense muscles, and activation and invigoration of the inactive ones.

The posture clothing helps maintain a constant flow of information from the skin, nerve receptors to the brain and vice versa. This makes muscles work better together, whereby the performance is enhanced, injuries are avoided and healing is improved. It is important to stress that posture clothing is a supplement to training, therapy and treatment, and the product alone should not to be used to treat or prevent injuries.

Which size should I choose?

It is very important that you see the sizing chart guidance, since the size of the posture clothing may differ from your usual size. The sizing chart can be found on every product page. If your sizing falls between two sizes, you should often choose the smaller size to achieve the best effect.

When should I wear the clothes?

At any time! When you train, shop, walk, travel, work, do chores etc. The clothing will improve concentration and awareness around your posture during activities and thus help reduce the load on the injured area.

How long should I wear the clothes?

When you wear the clothes, the muscles are continuously activated, but duration is individual. In general, the shirt should be worn from 30 to 60 minutes a day during the first week. Pain in the upper part of the back can be seen as a sign that you have worn the shirt long enough. This will lead to a temporary posture correction. As the posture gradually changes and inactive muscles get activated, you can slowly increase the duration. This gradual progress enables smooth and easy transition and helps maintain the optimal posture for a longer period each time when you use the product.

When will I see improvement in my posture?

You will feel and see the improvement of your posture immediately. However, you must be patient, because the body needs time to obtain the capability of maintaining correct posture on its own. Thus, the muscle memory is created, when the posture clothing are worn during everyday activities e.g., when walking, working, exercising (fitness workouts, riding, cycling, running), etc. Thus, the posture improvements will be potentiated by movement. Movements that you perform frequently have maximum impact on the speed of the muscle memory change. Based on these facts about the body, the most noticeable changes will be achieved after the clothes have been worn over a period of approx. 60 to 90 days.

Are there people who should not wear the clothes?

People with severe physical disabilities should contact a physiotherapist or doctor before wearing the clothes. If you just have undergone a surgery, you should also contact a specialist to find out whether it is not too early for you to work on your posture. We also recommend children and adolescents under 17 to refrain from wearing the products without consulting their physician or physiotherapist and as such do not offer products in children's sizes.

How tight should the clothes fit?

AlignMed clothes adjust to the body shape and were designed for a tight fit. They should be tight but not uncomfortable. Should you choose the wrong size, let us know within the first 14 days after the purchase and we will exchange your product of a different size.

What is the best way to care for the product?

AlignMed products are machine washable at 30 °C. NEVER dry the products in the tumble dryer as this will destroy them.

Is pain relief and improved posture guaranteed?

The great majority of our clients experienced noticeable improvement. Therefore, when you purchase a product from Anodyne, you have the full return right within 14 days. The return rate from people who experienced no effect within the first 14 days, is below 5%.

To improve the chance of success, it is essential to wear the products ONLY as instructed. Depending on the user, too frequent wearing of the posture clothing may cause adverse effects such as headache, jaw pain, back pain and sore muscles in the neck and shoulder area. Therefore, it is important to carefully read the manual enclosed in the package that you received and keep in mind that your body must slowly get used to the new posture. Should you have any questions concerning the posture clothing, please contact us anytime.

How long will a product from AlignMed
It depends on the care and wearing frequency. As any other article of clothing, it will display signs of usage depending on the frequency of use. It is important that the shirt is never dried in the tumble dryer or washed at temperature above 30°C.

How do the products differ from a corset or brace?

The posture clothing products are not a corset or brace. It changes the posture by assisting the body in self-supporting through activation of the muscles, which are inactive due to being weak, unbalanced and dysfunctional. The body is not fixed as with corsets and similar support systems. The latter restrict mobility and weaken the muscles over time, as the body is made dependent on the external mechanical support. AlignMed products stimulate muscles without their fixation.

What are the return options?

We would like you to always be satisfied with your purchase. We guarantee that the product is flawless at the moment of delivery. Should the product show any manufacturing defects, we will of course take it back and refund its cost or replace the product. Normal wear and damage caused by misusage are excluded from the warranty. Please read our Terms and Conditions.

If you are not satisfied with the product, you have the right to return it within 14 days. The product must be returned to Anodyne in the same condition, in which it was received by you. Accordingly, the product must not show any traces of sweat or soot and must be returned in its original package with all washing and product labels retained. You may use and wash the product within 14 days, however, if you dry the product in the tumble dryer before you return it, we will not refund it because of the damage.