Posture corrective clothing from Anodyne® is designed to stimulate muscle memory and improve awareness of your posture. But how does posture correcting clothes work? What size should I choose? When can you wear my posture corrective clothing? How quickly do you deliver? Find the answers to these, and many other questions, below:


  • What is Posture Correcting Clothing from Anodyne® and how does it work?

    Posture correcting clothing from Anodyne® is designed to stimulate muscle memory and improve posture awareness. The Posture Shirt™ and Posture Bra from Anodyne® contributes to the creation of a constant flow of information that runs back and forth between the 20,000 to 80,000 nerve receptors in a square centimetre of skin. The result is that the muscles are stimulated by the brain to become active so that you yourself improve your posture by strengthening your muscles. To maximise the effect, we do recommend being physically active.

  • What is the difference between Anodyne® products and a corset?

    The biggest difference between Anodyne’s posture correcting clothing and corsets is that our product does not overtake your muscles functionality. In a corset or compression shirt, you will get the feeling of “collapsing” once you take the product off. The idea behind is to hold you in a fixed position, making it very difficult for you to move. A medical specialist may recommend these types of product in very unique cases, but they would generally never recommend it if you are looking to achieve a better posture and reduce shoulder and back pain related to poor posture.

    Posture correcting clothing from Anodyne works differently from corsets by allowing you to retain free movement. The shirt is rather making you aware of your posture, see it as a strict teacher constantly telling you when your posture is poor. The Posture Shirt™ or InterActive Bra doesn’t feel comfortable like a normal t-shirt and bra. If you, for instance, are slouching you will feel the feedback from the shirt that will encourage you to align your posture and it will come naturally to you to do so. When you start aligning your posture, you will activate the muscles yourself. When you continuously activate your muscles, the muscles also build up muscle memory, so the effect is also seen when you are not wearing the shirt or bra.

    In short: Anodyne's products stimulate and activate the muscles instead of making the muscles lazy and hereby weakening them.

  • What is the difference between the Posture Shirt™ from Anodyne® and that of their competitors?

    The posture correcting clothing from Anodyne is registered by the FDA as a medical device in Medical Class One and has also obtained the CE marking in the same class.When looking at competitor’s products it is key to look for these registrations. If they don’t have them, they are most likely just selling you a look-a-like product and hope their customers won’t bother to send back, even when they are not doing anything good for their posture.

    You find our registrations and documentations below:

    1. View the FDA registration here
    2. View the CE mark here
    3. View the studies behind our products here
  • How will I see improvement in my posture?

    When you have the correct size, you will immediately feel and see a difference in your body posture when wearing the shirt or bra. To see the effect when you are not wearing the shirt, the time frame is a bit longer. Your body needs time to learn the ability to hold the proper body posture. When wearing the shirt, you are constantly being subtlety reminded to align your posture, this leads to building up “muscle memory”, so you begin to align your posture even when not wearing the shirt.

    By wearing the posture correcting clothing and carrying out your normal activities, such as walking, working, exercising (fitness, horseback riding, cycling, running, etc.), the teaching of the new body posture is reinforced by movement. The movements that you most often perform on a normal day have the greatest influence on how quickly the muscle memory changes. Depending on these factors, combined with how often and for how long you use your shirt or bra product, you will notice the physical changes optimally after wearing the shirt for about 60-90 days, but you will know within your 14-day trial period if the product is working on you.

  • Will I experience less pain and/or will it improve my posture?

    It is likely that you will feel less back pain, shoulder pain and neck pain from wearing our product and a vast majority of people using our Posture Shirt™ will improve their posture. Whether this will also apply to you we can’t guarantee. This is why we give you 14-days to try it yourself.

    To increase your chances of having a successful experience, we do recommend that you really give the product a chance. If you have had back pain for instance for many years, don’t expect these to completely disappear after wearing the shirt for two hours. Take advantage of your 14-day trial period and commit to it. Wear it every day the first week, start with 1-2 hours. After that first week thenyou can slowly increase the use and wear it for 8-10 hours a day.

    Don’t ever hesitate to get in touch with our customer service team if you want any advice of usage during your trial period (or even after that period has ended).

  • How long does my Anodyne® product last?

    The lifetime of your Anodyne product depends on how you care for it and how often and for how long you wear it. Like all other clothes, these clothes will also show signs of wear and tear depending on how often you wear them.

    It is important that you follow the care instructions. We recommend hand washing, but it can also be machine washed, however not at more than 30 degrees. The product may not be tumble dried as that will destroy the NeuroBands which is the technology that is built into the shirt and is what will feedback to your body, when your posture is not optimal.

    If you are taking care of the product according to the care instructions the product should last for 700 washes. Wear depends heavily on use and care.

Size Guide

  • Which size should I choose?

    Having the right size is key to be able to experience the benefits from our Posture Shirt™. A size chart is listed for each product. If your measurements are caught between two sizes, then always go for the smaller one. The worst-case scenario is that we need to do an exchange, but in 9 out of 10 cases going for a smaller size, when between sizes, is the right decision. If you fit nicely within the size, then stick to that size. If you normally by one size up because you like a loose fit, then don’t apply that practice when choosing posture clothing. The product needs to sit tight on you in order to work. If in doubt, then don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • How can I see if I have the right size?

    The Posture Shirt™ should sit tight to your body in order for you to get the right effect. You can only determine whether a shirt is too big or too small by looking at the NeuroBands around the shoulders. The NeuroBands™ are the five panels of variable elasticity that are mapped to the body to mirror the contractive properties of muscles. See the pictures below for an illustration of the best possible fit.

    too big too big
    correct correct

    Does the NeuroBands in your shirt fold? If so, then we will advise you to exchange it for a smaller size. If you are unsure about the size, please contact our customer service team.

  • My Posture Shirt™ is (very) tight, is it too small?

    The Posture Shirts from Anodyne should sit tight on you in order to be effective, but it should not feel extremely uncomfortably tight. If you don’t have any free movement once it is pulled on, then it may be too small. Best thing is to contact customer service and have a chat with them so they can help you figure out your correct size. If you could measure your chest/bust size in inches before the call, they will be in a better position to advise you. You can also send a photo from the back showing you wearing the shirt, then they can easily see of the product sits correctly on you.

    wrong right
    wrong right

User Guide

  • How do I take the shirt on and off?

    Putting on a tight-fitting Posture Shirt™ is quite different from putting on a regular loose t-shirt. This is why we have created a video explaining how to best put the shirt on and off. First put one arm into the seelve and bring that sleeve up to your amoit. Then bring the t-shirt over your head and pull it down. The easiest way to pull the shirt down is to hold the bottom seam and pull it down gradually at the front and back. Lift your shoulders slightly and pull the back of the shirt down. Grap one sleeve at a time and pull down, adjust each to the right position. To take the shirt off, grab the bottom seam of the shirt, collecting the fabric and rolling it up over the chest. Then cross your arms, hold the shirt beneath your shoulder blades and slit it up over your head. If you find it too difficult, then perhaps the Posture Shirt with zipper is the best choise for you.

    Tip: If you plan to wear the shirt for the gym, then the best tip to get it off after a sweaty exercise is to roll it up as high as you can and then grab the shirt from over your head with one of your hands. Or instead you might prefer to wear our Posture Shirt™ with zipper for the gym, since it is much easier to get off if you are sweating a lot.

  • When should I wear my Anodyne® clothing?

    When you first start wearing the posture correcting clothing from Anodyne® we recommend starting slowly. Wearing it 1-2 hours a day the first week will work for most. Try to use it at times where you need the most support, so if this is when walking or sitting in front of a computer, then use it then. After one week, you can wear the shirt for 8-10 hours or for how long it feels comfortable. Tip! Wear the clothing during sports activities, if you often have a poor posture during your exercises. Basically, it is important to listen to the body, as long as you feel comfortable you can continue to wear the product.

  • Are there people who should not use the Anodyne® products?

    We are proud to be listed as a medical device, it means that our product has gone through proper tests making it a safe and reliable option, but this does not mean that our product is for everyone.

    We always recommend consulting a physiotherapist, doctor etc, if you have any serious conditions/illnesses or physiological limitations. We work with many medical specialists in all the Europeans countries we work in, but if your specialist does not know about our product, they are more than welcome to contact us to learn more.

    If you have recently undergone surgery, you should discuss with a doctor or physiotherapist/Osteopath/Chiropractor if it is too early to work on your posture. In case of mobility problems around the shoulders, we recommend choosing the Posture Shirt™ Zipper or for women, either the shirt with a Zipper or the Bra, because it is much easier to get on and off.

    In general, we do not advise children and adolescents under 17 years of age to use the products without prior advice from a doctor or physiotherapist.

  • For how long should I wear my Posture Shirt™?

    There is not an absolute answer to this question. It all depends on your starting point. Are you already very active, have you recently had an operation etc?

    In general, we recommend to wear the Posture Shirt™ for up to two hours daily the first week and then increase usage. If you experience fatigue within the first couple of hours, then take it off for that day and try it again the next day. For some, it may work best starting with half an hour and then slowly building it up, while others can wear it for two hours from day 1. As you will be activating muscles that may otherwise have been inactive for a long time (or just been used incorrectly) getting slight sore muscles may be the result in week one, but think of that as something good. It means your muscles are working.

    If you do not experience any muscle pain, even on day 1, and you definitely have the right size, then see how it goes if you wear it for 4 hours. If you wake up the next morning and feel you have very sore muscles, then take a break that day and start up again the next day, maybe for a slightly shorter time.

    Below we have made a plan for the typical first-time user of a posture correcting shirt with regular posture issues due to slouching:

    Week 1:

    Day 1-3: Wear it for 1-2 hours (if you don’t feel any soreness after day 1, then double the amount of time wearing it).

    Day 4-7: Wear it for 2 hours daily (if you don’t feel any soreness then double the amount if hours using it).

    Day 8 and onwards: Wear it for 8-10 hours a day 3-4 times a week. If you feel overtrained in your muscles from wearing it, then reduce the hours, for instance to 4-6 hours and the slowly build it up to 8-10 hours.

    If you get in doubt about what is best for you, then don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to give you some advice.

  • How can I best take care of my Anodyne® products?

    The Posture Shirt™ and AlignMe Bra can be hand washed or machine washed at 30 degrees. It is absolutely key that the products are not tumble dried as that will destroy the effectiveness of the Neurobands, nor should fabric softener be used as that will lessen the performance of the Neurobands. The products thankfully dry fast when hanged freely overnight.

Delivery Methods

  • I have not received my package yet, what should I do?

    If five workdays have passed since you received the confirmation (via e-mail) that your product has been shipped and you still haven’t received it, please do contact us. We will be happy to locate your package with Swiss Post. In many cases, your product will be at your local post office, but they may not have informed you. However, it can also be that the post office has misplaced your package, this is what we will investigate and we will naturally ship you a new product.

  • How long does delivery take?

    We do our best to send the ordered products (for orders placed by 2 p.m. on weekdays) on the same day. After shipping, you will usually receive your item within 1-2 working days. The dispatch is carried out by the Swiss Post. Note, we do not ship in weekends.

Ordering & Payment

  • What payment options do you offer?

    You can purchase from our website using a credit card, debit card, PayPal and via invoice. Unfortunately, you are not able to pay over the phone or via cheque.

  • Can I change my order?

    If your order is yet to be dispatched, we can make changes for you. Get in touch with us as soon as possible. If it is not possible for you to call us, then do send us an email on info@anodyne-shop.ch and we will see if your package is still in-house.

  • I have just placed an order. Can I cancel this?

    If your order has not yet been sent, you can contact the customer service, and we will be able to delete your order.

    If your package has already been shipped, you can return it. As soon as we receive the parcel in our warehouse, we process the refund.

  • I have received the wrong product. What do I do?

    Anodyne’s dispatch team is packing thousands of products a year and unfortunately, it can happen that you get a wrong product/size. We are naturally very sorry about that. If you are one of the unlucky ones to whom this has happened, please do use the pre-paid label in your package and return the product together with the return form indicating your name, order number and reason for exchange and we will prioritise getting a new product shipped to you with no delay.

  • Do I have a warranty on my Anodyne® products?

    Yes, under the Consumer Rights Act, you have a 6-month warranty. If the product is faulty, we will exchange it as long as you have followed the care instructions. When it comes to the Posture Shirt™ and the AlignMe Bra, these products may not be tumble dried, nor can they be washed above 30 degrees.

    If you are one of the few who is unlucky having a faulty product, then get in contact with us as soon as possible.

Exchange & Return

  • What exactly does a 14-day trial period mean?

    It means exactly that! At Anodyne® we allow you to test the product in your everyday situations. Wear the shirt at work, while walking or going to the gym. Wash it when needed (do follow the care instructions though). If for any reason you are not satisfied with your product from Anodyne, you can return it within 14 days for a full refund. The only times we don’t accept refunding the money on a returned product is if it has been tumbled dried or washed with fabric softener as that will weaken the performance of the shirt and while we are not re-selling the product, we will be using it at events as a demo product.

  • Can I exchange my ordered product(s)?

    Yes, if you are still in your 14-day trial period. Fill out the return form with your name, order number and the size you want to exchange to, and we will process this as soon as possible after we have received the package. Once you receive your new product, a new 14-day trial period starts. If you have any doubt about your size, then don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team so they can help you pick the correct size so you can avoid multiple exchanges!

  • Can I return the product(s) I have ordered?

    We offer a 14-day return policy. What that means is that within the first 14 days you can return what you have ordered and get a full refund. You can use the Swiss Post return label we provided in your original shipment. Please do fill out the return form with your name, order number and with information that you want to return the product for a refund or that you want to exchange the product for a different size or different product.

  • Do I have to pay when I want to exchange something within my 14-day trial period?

    Shipping your product back is free of charge. A pre-paid Swiss Post label can be found in your packaging. In most cases, exchanges are just done to a different size for the same product and no refunds or extra payment is needed. If you are exchanging to a cheaper product, then we will create a refund for the difference. If you want to exchange your product for a more expensive item, you need to return your current product for a refund and can then order the product you want from our website.

  • How do I return my order?

    Fill out the return form with your name, order number and with information that you want to return the product for a refund or that you want to exchange the product for a different size or different product. Please use the pre-paid Swiss Post return label we provided in your original shipment.

  • Do I pay for returning or exchanging a product?

    No, we are providing you with a pre-paid Swiss Post label (make sure to keep it for the entire 14-day trial period as we are not able to provide you with a 2nd label). Place the label on the packaging you received from us and be sure to include the return form with your name, order number and reason for return (refund or exchange) and we will see to it that your request is being met.

  • My newly received product is damaged or broken. What do I do?

    At Anodyne® we do our best to ensure that all products are delivered in good condition. However, a factory fault can always happen. If you receive a damaged or broken product, please contact customer service as soon as possible, but within the 14 days trial period, then we will make sure that you get a new product.

  • I have returned my item. When will I get my money back?

    We normally receive your package after 1-2 business days in our warehouse. We look to process refunds the same day we receive the parcels. If you have paid using PayPal, you will have the money back to your PayPal account within minutes from receiving our email confirming the refund.

    For orders on account, your invoice will be canceled on the day your package arrives at our warehouse. You will receive a confirmation email from Powerpay with the canceled invoice. If you have already paid the invoice, we ask you to write down your bank information for a refund on the return form. If we do not receive any bank information, the balance at POWERPAY is available for a next order.

  • I got my product as a gift. Can I have the purchase amount refunded to my own account?

    Unfortunately, the financial institutions are not allowing us to refund money to another account than to the one where the money was originally taken. The amount goes back to the account used for the payment. Otherwise you are welcome to exchange the product for another product.