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Women's Posture Shirt 2.0 (white)

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Improve your posture with the popular Women's Posture Shirt™ 2.0.


Size Chart

The shirt needs to sit tight to be effective. If you are between two sizes, we recommend you choose the smaller size.

Weight(KG) 44-54 52-65 63-76 74-87 85-98 96-109
Chest(CM) 76-86 86-91 91-98 98-106 106-114 115-122
Height(CM) 150-170 155-175 160-180 165-180 165-180 165-180
  Weight(KG) Chest(CM) Height(CM)
XS 44-54 74-86 150-170
S 52-65 89-91 155-175
M 63-76 91-98 160-180
L 74-87 98-106 165-180
XL 85-98 106-114 165-180
2XL 96-109 115-122 165-180

Do you suffer from regular pain or tension? Then this might be a solution for you. This is not just a regular T-shirt: The Posture Shirt 2.0 from Anodyne® is patented, registered as a medical device and has, as the only product of its kind on the market, a well-documented effect on pain and tension. Our Swiss customers have given us a star rating of 4.83 out of 5.0.

Do you want to try? We offer a 14 day no nonsense return policy. And if you are not satisfied with your new Posture Shirt™ we even pay the return shipping cost.



  • Takes away the strains and stresses

  • Reduces back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain

  • Improves your postural awareness

  • Documented effect and medically registered

Improve your posture with the popular Women's Posture Shirt™ 2.0. Experience the support and relief, whether you are sitting or active. Posture Shirt™ 2.0 for women is designed with the patented Neuroband™ technology which activates and stimulates your muscles. The Anodyne® Posture Shirt™ 2.0 has documented results and is CE registered as a medical device.

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Would you prefer a zipper?

If you have difficulties getting tight-fitting clothes over your head we recommend choosing Women's Posture Shirt™ 2.0 Zipper. The Posture Shirt™ with zipper is identical to the original Posture Shirt™ 2.0, but this shirt is simply equipped with a zipper to make it easier to put on.

Try it for 14 days with free return

At Anodyne® we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with all purchases and a generous 14-day risk-free return policy. What that means is that you can test and try your product for 14 days to make sure that it is the right product for you. We are providing a prepaid return label, so you can easily, and without any cost, return your item to us should you not be completely satisfied.

Medically registered

The posture correcting clothing you can buy at Anodyne are CE registered as medical devices (Class 1). This ensures that the rules and regulations for medical devices and specifically performance, environment, health and safety are followed. The CE registration is your guarantee that our products fully live up to the standards that are required for medical devices.

Designed with the patented NeuroBand™ technology

Posture Shirt™ 2.0 from Anodyne® for women is made from a unique combination of polyester, spandex and nylon which provides a durable and breathable shirt that retains its elasticity even through extended use. It is designed using the patented NeuroBand™ technology, a technology based on in-depth scientific studies in human physiology. Composition: Spandex, polyester and nylon.

Activates and stimulates the muscles

The Anodyne® Posture Shirt™ 2.0 for women can be worn at any time; when you exercise, work, shop, walk, travel, clean or during any other activities. The shirt supports, activates and stimulates your back and shoulder muscles to promote a better posture. For people with physical conditions, the shirt can provide better posture awareness during activities that lead to back/neck or shoulder problems.

Use your Posture Shirt™ anytime

The Posture Shirt™ 2.0 from Anodyne® can be used anytime, anywhere. When you begin to wear the shirt you activate the muscles in your back and shoulders, most likely in a very different way than you are used to. Due to this, you may get sore muscles the first couple of times you are wearing it. This is absolutely natural, but we do recommend that you initially (the first week) use the Posture Shirt™ 2.0 for only 30 minutes to 2 hours a day. Starting conservatively will allow your body to slowly adapt to the shirt. From week two you can increase usage to your comfort level.

Care instructions

To keep your shirt in the best possible condition for the longest possible time, we do recommend washing the Posture Shirt™ 2.0 by hand, however our products are machine washable at 30°C delicate wash, but may NEVER be tumble-dried as that will destroy the NeuroBands™ incorporated into the shirt. The shirt should not be ironed.