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AlignMe InterActive Bra (white)

Unit Price for 1 pcs. 125,00 CHF

Unit Price for 2 pcs. 115,00 CHF 125,00 CHF

The AlignMe Interactive Bra provides support every day, whether you are sitting or on the move. Posture clothing from Anodyne is made with the patented NeuroBand-technology that activates and stimulates your muscles to help you achieve an improved posture.

AlignMe Interactive Bra is a sports/training bra without cups or wires and it comes with small inlays which can be removed. It is essential that the product is tight-fitting in order to achieve the best effect, therefore it is very important to check the sizeguide below to find the optimal size. If you suffer from daily and/or intense pain or tension in the shoulders or lower back, we recommend you try the Women's Posture Shirt 2.0 which can provide more support and relief.


  • Recommended for sports, work and any other daily activities
  • Improves your postural awareness and gives you support
  • Can reduce pain and tension
  • Semi-Lock zipper function

Remember to check your size!

Our sizeguide for posture clothing is accurate in most instances, but remember to take your individual experience and fit into account. The optimal size for you may be different from the size you would normally wear. If you are between two sizes, we recommend you choose the smaller of the two.

You are always welcome to contact our customer service if you need assistance with choosing the right size or product.

Posture clothing from Anodyne:

  • With patented NeuroBand technology
  • Made from nylon, spandex, olefin and polyspandex
  • Moisture wicking
  • Anti-microbial protection
  • Made in USA


Testimonials from clients about our products:
This product gives me a constant awareness of where my posture is at
It really helps reducing my neck pain

„Good quality, reasonable price, excellent delivery ”

„This product really works, my posture has improved”

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