Unique and patented NeuroBand™ technology

At Anodyne® we sell the original posture correcting Posture Shirt™. The t-shirt is designed to enhance the effectiveness of the unique and patented NeuroBand™ technology, which is based on in-depth scientific research into human physiology. The design aims to reflect the contraction and expansion of the muscles to promote a better posture.


NeuroBands in Anodyne posture correcting clothes


The unique NeuroBands

A unique part of the Posture Shirt™ from Anodyne® is the patented NeuroBands. This is the KEY element to the shirt's ability to contribute to a better posture, so let's talk a bit more about that. Neurobands are panels of variable elasticity that are mapped to the body to mirror the muscles. The shirt consists of five of these panels and they create a controlled resistance on the body to activate the muscles and subtly keep them moving (even when sitting!) and hereby correct body alignment. The panels (NeuroBands) are inspired by Kinesiotape, which you may have seen at your physiotherapist or on athletes. When wearing the Posture Shirt™, the unique NeuroBands will act as a constant reminder to the body to naturally adjust to a better posture. Over time, normally 3-6 months, this constant natural body adjustment leads to a strengthening of the muscles which subsequently may help reduce pain experienced in neck, shoulder and back.


Comfortable, effective and long lasting

The unique NeuroBands are incorporated into the Posture Shirt™ from Anodynee® in a way that makes the shirt both comfortable and effective to wear, so this is not like wearing a brace! The t-shirt is designed in such way that the panels and materials provide the best starting point to achieve a better posture. The different elasticity in the t-shirt helps give the correct posture correcting effect without restricting your movement. Unlike a brace or corset, which makes the muscles inactive and hinder a natural free movement, the Anodyne Posture Shirt™ provides the user with a full, free movement making it a good choice to wear in most situations. The unique composition of materials means the posture correcting t-shirt is durable and keeps its elasticity even after having been used and washed many times.


Breathable and moisture wicking

Parallel to the unique NeuroBands the Posture Shirt™ consist of PowerMesh-panels which is a light and elastic material with small air holes which makes the Posture Shirt™ from Anodyne® breathable and comfortable to wear. On top of that, the Posture Shirt™ is developed with an antimicrobial treatment which makes the sweat transport away from the body, reducing body odour in use.


Anodyne® is the sole trader of the original posture clothing

Anodyne® is the sole trader of the original posture clothing. This means that you can only buy posture correcting clothing on www.anodyne-shop.ch. It is only the posture correcting clothing from Anodyne which is both FDA-approved and CE-registered as a medical device. We are naturally very proud that our posture clothing has satisfied all authorities to clear us to register our clothing as a medical device. It is a very expensive process to achieve this, but this means we can promise our customers that our products work and are save to use. You can read more about our medical registrations and certificates here.